Okay guys, so as many of you may know my blog was down for all of August (sad face), so alas I wasn’t able to do an August favourites post, but instead you get two for the price of one as I’m bringing August and September together into a joyous of harmony of things/places/eats I’ve loved over the past two months, lucky you!

Travel – Santorini, Greece

I have just got back from an incredible trip to Santorini with my friend Emma and it was honestly amazing! I am going to be doing a separate travel blog about Santorini and what we did and what I would recommend, but the major recommendation is to go there! It was bloody beautiful and Greek people are so so nice, they were the nicest people I have ever met. We stayed in a place called Abrazo 8 in Imerovigli and it was honestly stunning!

Eats – The Potato Project & MiiRo Icecream

A few weeks ago I was invited along to an evening of potato tasting (sounds weird but continue reading) at The Potato Project in Soho, where they specialise in jacket potatoes. We were served the entire menu and oh my good lord I was in potato heaven! It gave me so many ideas for meals to make myself and also I now know exactly where I’ll be going for a quick but delicious lunch when I’m next near central London, they were all amazing but our favourites were the wild mushrooms, spinach, blue cheese and truffle oil potato and the mozzarella, tomato and pesto sweet potato! Incredible!

pic by @all.about.anika

Next up on the food front is a new discovery… MiiRO ice creams, which are basically vegan magnums! Their slogan is ‘nice without the naughty’ but I tell you what I think they’re way more than nice, these ice creams are bloody delicious despite being free from all the crap in your usual ice creams (I won’t list them all I’ll be here for ever), and they come in three awesome flavours, chocolate hazelnut, peanut butter and salted caramel (my fave!) and you can get them from Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended.

Eco Purchase – Washable Makeup Remover Pads

I did a big eco haul in September and I think my favourite purchase are these reusable and washable makeup remover pads from Amazon. I use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup and decided to buy these instead of continually throwing away cotton wool pads. I am super happy with them, they’re not quite as soft as cotton wool pads which some people may not love but they work perfectly and come out pretty clean in the wash!

Calm App – Meditation

I have been finding sticking to meditation really hard lately, I think it’s because whenever I do it I just sit and squirm for the ten minutes I set aside. Needless to say I know that it’s good for me, and my inability to stick to it just proves that. So I decided to try out the Calm App and I really liked the first one I did and decided to go for a year’s subscription! There are so many different things to choose from and I particularly love the ones you can do just before going to sleep.

Mel Well’s Self Love Week 2017

Last week I joined in with absolute babe and author of the best selling book The Goddess Revolution (read my review here) Mell Wells and her Self Love Week she was running on Instagram. Each day we had a challenge and I absolutely loved it! It definitely improved my relationship with myself that little bit more, and the fact that I didn’t find it all too difficult really showed to me the steps I’ve been taking over the past few years to truly love myself, although I still have a lot of work to do!

Wanderlust Event

My favourite event I went to over the past few months was most definitely Wanderlust which was held in Victoria Park in London a couple of weekends ago! I went along with my friend Poppy and some other yoga pals and it was such good fun. Doing yoga and meditating with thousands of people was an incredible experience and one I won’t forget. I hope they do more events like this in the future so check out their website and maybe see you as one very soon.

Hey there guys! I am back (post blog hack which had me down for a month!) and I am bringing you five easy tips to becoming more eco friendly. It makes me so happy that bloggers have started to push the idea of being eco friendly and helping our environment out to their followers, and as it’s something I am super passionate about I thought it only made sense to do the same! So here are five really simple ways you can be more environmentally friendly:

1. Buy a Reusable Coffee Cup

Ditch the takeaway coffee cups, they’re not recyclable here in the UK as to make them waterproof they have a plastic lining within the cup, and whilst places like Costa have started to recycle them themselves, chances are most people don’t make the effort to hold onto that skanky used cup until they reach another Costa. So it’s best to invest in your own cup or flask that you can use everyday.

I have a KeepCup and I loooove mine! Also, loads of places like Starbucks, Costa and Pret give you a discount on your coffee when you use your own cup. Obviously there are other brands out there but this is just one that I’ve been recommended and have invested in and haven’t regretted.

2. Avoid Buying Plastic Bottles and Get a Refillable One

Every year the average UK household uses around 480 plastic bottles, that comes to 35 million, YES MILLION, bottles per year used in the UK. And whilst you may be like ‘well actually Hannah I recycle all the ones I use’, my response is ‘recycling uses electricity, so maybe let’s avoid the entire thing altogether and just buy a reusable bottle’ ha! Got you there! I don’t really need to tell you where or which bottle to buy, there are loads of types, aim for BPA free, coz BPAs are the devil, but really as long as you are refilling your bottle and not forever buying a new bottle of Evian/Highland Springs/whatever, then you’re one step closer to being a little greener.

Credit: @reamaesherman | www.bearwarner.com

I splashed out earlier this year and bought a S’well bottle, I went for plain white because I am boring and monochromatic but they have sooooo many designs. So if you want to look super fancy and also have an amazing water bottle (that keeps your water super chilled but ALSO can house hot water/alcohol) then head to S’well and have a look online, or go to Amazon and buy a cheaper less showy off version.

3. Recycle Correctly

Now I know what you’re thinking, if you’re reading this blog post chances are you care a bit about our planet, and you probably already recycle. The issue is that there’s still a lot of incorrect stuff being put into recycling bins here in the UK, and it’s been rising. So get clued up, check on your local council website to make sure you’re putting the right things in the right bags (and are using the right bags too!). Here’s an interesting article on the BBC all about it if you’re interested.

4. Reduce Your Consumption of Meat/Animal Products

I’m not going to tell you to go full blown vegan, I’m not preachy (kinda), but even introducing say two meat free days a week is not only going to save our little planet, but it will also keep your outgoings down (meat is ‘spenny you know), as well as probably make you feel a bit better. There are soooo many bloggers and cookbooks out there at the moment for constant inspiration!

Credit: www.elsaswholesomelife.com

5. Say No To The Straw

Straws are PURE EVIL. They aren’t recyclable, they get stuck in turtles noses in the ocean (if you haven’t seen the video and want to be put off straws for life then Google it, it’s HORRIFIC), and they’re thought to stick around on our planet for 200 years, no doubt ending up in the stomachs of amazing animals. It’s so easy to say no a straw, we use them once and then they’re thrown away. My amazing friend bought me some bamboo straws from Bali when she went on holiday recently I’ve loved using them at home, I recently also bought myself a metal straw to take around with me in my bag (a lot of people have started doing this), it also comes with a straw cleaner which might not be something you instantly think about when you get one but that is vital.

Credit: www.urbanoutfitters.com

Have you got any tips? If you do leave some ideas in a comment, I’d love to hear more!

Interesting title right? Well, the book is even better. Sent to me by my good friend Emma whilst I was recovering from knee surgery last year, I started reading it during my recovery time off work, where I couldn’t walk. Not being able to walk and reading a book that’s like ‘YOU ARE A BADASS YOU CAN MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE JUST TAKE THAT LEAP’ etc wasn’t ideal, so I put it down and waited for another time. It took me exactly a year to pick it up, but I’ve raced through it.

Jen Sincero is fucking hilarious, like I want to be her friend, Big time, I also want her to be my fairy God mother (or source mother… she’d get it), because damn she’d make me believe that I am Cinderella lookin’ for a rich fella and I can definitely talk to animals and turn a pumpkin into a Ferrari. This book is as motivating as it comes. It will also cause you to start analysing the way you think about version things and also how your mind works, which is pretty much what you want out of a self help, motivational book.

There are sections on meditation, how to manifest things you want, how to stop with those BS excuses you’ve created for yourself to protect yourself and just generally how to just fucking go for it and how to smash it out the park. See how American and enthusiastic I’m getting? Thank Ms Sincero for that.

It’s very satirical, so if you’re sensitive to people pointing out the truth and maybe some not so positive habits you might have, Maybe think twice. If you love a laugh, don’t mind taking the piss out of yourself and want to make a change, change job, start a business, move to a different continent or just stop being bored with your everyday, mundane life (because you KNOW there’s more than this out there) then read the book ASAP!
Also be warned, it’s a touch spiritual, I remember when I first read it and read the words ‘God’ and ‘source energy’ I rolls my eyes (SORRY JEN!) but now that I’m just in general a much more spiritually aware person, it makes a lot more sense, but go in with an open mind.


It’s a must read if I’m honest. It will make you laugh, you will have some amazing ‘EUREKA!’ moments and I’m pretty sure it will change your life. Even if you’re like me and you recently DID take that leap, you’ll undoubtedly find something invaluable in this book!

Some of my fave quotes:

One of the best things you can do to improve the world is to improve yourself

Doubt is resistance, faith is surrender. Worry is resistance, joy is surrender. Control is resistance, allowing is surrender. Ridicule is resistance, believing is surrender

Having money is like anything else; a tool. And if you see it that way, making it not just about you, but about a way that you can play a part in the dynamic by which money is used for the betterment of all things, then having money is not only a blessing, it’s a responsibility – Marianne Williamson

It’s time for you to read about some of my favourite things/products/brands/anything that I came across over the last month! It’s been a very busy month, finding my feet as a yoga teacher and running around a bit like a headless chicken but I have some little gems I can share with you so here goes!

 Favourite Books

I read a couple of books this month but two that are notable and are worth you reading are The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells and You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I have written blog posts on both so take a look. They’re both non-fiction and whilst Wells’ book will help you stop the dieting and learn how to love your body, Sincero’s satirical self-help book to becoming an awesome human being who doesn’t take themselves too seriously will also do you some good, or a lot of good!

 Best July London Eats

Due to limited funds (this happens when you go freelance), I haven’t been eating out a lot, but I have however remembered two faves which was Pizza East in Portobello, which serves amazing pizza, really awesome alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, and the staff were super nice to boot, then finally I experienced potentially the best avocado on toast (yes I am hearing how basic insta bitch I am sounding right now0 but holy moly this avo toast at Goode and Wright in Portobello was epic beyond words, like go there, right now, and try it, with a side of sweet potato fries if you want to be just that little bit extra.

Loving Earth Raw Organic Chocolate

I actually discovered this back in June when Sabi Kerr and I ran our Fitness and Flow Brunch and Loving Earth were one of our sponsors. Their chocolate is raw, vegan (so dairy free), cane sugar free and soy free as well as just DELICIOUS. My favourite flavours are caramel, salted caramel or mint. They’re stocked in Planet Organic or you can buy it online, seriously it’s amazing.

Psycle Charity Ride for Duchenne UK’s World’s Strongest Boys

Of all the classes I’ve done this month this ride at Psycle with A.D. for Duchenne’s World’s Strongest Boys movement was epic. Not only was the class amazing, but knowing we were riding and sweating for someone other than ourselves was an unreal experience. If you want to learn more about the World’s Strongest Boys or even donate then check out their website here.

Singing Bowl Shop – Portobello Road

My amazing friend Shanie took me shopping for a singing bowl, and we went to her favourite shop on Portobello road, Arko. The owner is super lovely and spent about half an hour with me helping me learn how to play and pick one that worked for me. If you’re wanting to get your hands on a singing bowl you 100% have to go and have a chat with Kiran the owner about where the bowls come from and all the different types that there are!

I recently finished reading The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells, I bought it in a self-help book frenzy a few months ago, as I’m on a mission to improve myself. When I initially started reading it I wasn’t entirely sure it was for me, it focuses heavily on your relationship with food and in my mind I was like ‘Nah I’ve got this down’, so I read the first few chapters, and then left it at home when I went on holiday, as I chose to just take my kindle and a few mind-numbing fictional reads instead.

Coming back from my trip away, and deciding I wanted to start to cut out meat from my diet again, which meant I ended up eating a lot more processed stuff than I had been before, I noticed that actually, maybe I didn’t have the food ‘thing’ down, and that perhaps I should just go ahead and read the book after all.

Now I’ve finished and I am so so glad I decided to go back to it. Mel is awesome, she is so open with her history and before she goes too much into how you can start to change your habits and your mindset, she shares quite a lot of her journey, which really humbles you and I think makes you a lot more open to trying out the advice she later gives.

It is heavily focused on our relationship with food, which as a Western woman who grew up in the 21st century, is probably something I need to work on. The book delves deep into our diet culture, the excuses we come up with, why we come up with the excuses in the first place, why we want to go on diets, why we put crap processed rubbish into your bodies, and most of all why we don’t love ourselves and are always longing for a different body, or the body we had five years ago, or the body of that model on Instagram. Whilst many things I read through, I knew already, it was a great reminder to have them highlighted on a page that I can go back to at any point, and it really started to get me thinking about my own relationship with food and how I can start to heal it. Mel’s message about learning to love your body as it is, right now, is something I am seriously passionate about, which is why I think the book was so relevant for me. It really gets you analysing why you have the relationship with food and with your body that you do have, and I think self-analysis and self-discovery is vital when it comes to making meaningful changes.

Her tone is easy, chatty, friendly, Mel comes across as someone you want to take advice from, she doesn’t boast, she doesn’t make sweeping statements and her book is very inclusive of all sorts of women. You get the idea she wrote it because she genuinely really wants to help others. I know quite a few people who have read it and who LOVED it, one of my friends even says it has changed her life, which is quite incredible, and I can see why.

If you’re currently struggling to love yourself, hate certain parts of your body, are always fighting with yourself and what to eat and when, then I seriously think you should give this book a read, I am certain you’ll take something away from it and hopefully it will help you learn to become a better version of you and one that’s happy in her body, I know it’s already helped me a lot and I’ve only just started to implement some of her advice such as listening to my body more and making a list of what suits my body nutrition wise and what doesn’t. I strongly recommend this book!