Last Saturday myself and my best pal turned business partner (ish) Sabi ran our second Fitness and Flow event in North London. We came up with the idea of getting people together to sweat, stretch, meet some new people and then leave with an awesome goody bag, this time we made it a brunch event, and it was so great to see some lovely girls having a fab time working out and eating together and getting to know one another.

Massive shoutout to Rude Health, Pip and Nut and Ugly for providing the brunch food, and to Hangry Food Co, Missfits Nutrition, Boost Ball, wyldsson, Pulsin and Loving Earth for contributing to our goodie bags!

Sabi and I are running our next Fitness and Flow event on Wednesday 26th July in Moorgate, come along after work, do a full body HIIT session with me, then flow it out with Sabi and leave with a fantastic goodie bag and maybe even some new friends!

To get your ticket to the next event click here! Spots are limited so get on it ASAP!

If you’ve been checking my Instagram recently you may have spotted that I recently qualified as a yoga teacher, woohoo! It’s such an amazing feeling and I can’t believe I am actually now a yoga teacher and am teaching classes, honestly, it’s incredible. I thought I would share with you a little about the course, what it was like, and why I think you should definitely consider doing it if you’re wanting to do your 200 hour yoga teaching qualification, particularly if you’re looking to do yours in London.

The Key Facts

It’s a 200 hour, Yoga Alliance accredited training, it runs for just over two months and will get you to the point where you can teach vinyasa yoga. It’s run by Frame, which is a chain of studios that run all sorts of classes from HIIT to yoga to pilates. The course itself is based at the Queen’s Park studio, a five minute walk from Queen’s Park tube station. If you want to read more of the basics here’s the link to the website.¬†The way my teacher training in April ran is that you have an intense 7 day week for the first week, to really throw yourself into it, get to know your new yoga fam, and just get a head start with it all. Then you have training over the weekends, Friday evening, Saturday day and Sunday day. You do have some weekends off, and then at the end there was a final 4 days of learning and final exams.

The Teachers

The course is run by Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong, who are both incredibly experienced yoga teachers, they’re very experienced in running teacher trainings too, as well as the fact that they know how to run a business, and in particular run a business and be successful with it. I think this was one of the biggest things that drew me to the course, having heard from several people about Emily and Michael’s reputation in the yoga community in London, but also how savvy they both are, and I knew that this would be invaluable as I would be effectively quitting my job to take this course.

Not just all of the above but they’re also just really nice people, they’re very funny and work well as a teaching unit which made our experience so much better because the way we learned was so effective.

What We Studied

I think the general content was quite normal for most YTTs, we covered Anatomy (and had a separate teacher), Philosophy (so the 8 limbs of yoga if that means anything to you) as well as Chakras, Koshas, we had a Nutrition module, Pregnancy Yoga, an Asana module, a module on Assisting and we had a lot of time to practice teaching (like, a lot). I have learnt so so much from it all, I am definitely ready to teach a class (I already have a regular class at Studio One which is crazy but awesome!) and I feel like I am a better person in so many ways.

My Thoughts

I loved it, it was hard, don’t get me wrong. Learning new stuff and putting yourself out of your comfort zone is never easy, but I have learned so so much, I have made a huge group of new friends, I learnt a lot about my own body, about other people’s bodies, but above all I definitely learned how to be a confident and knowledgable yoga teacher, which is obviously why I did the course! There was a lot of laughter, hugs, tears (it’s an emotional journey, trust me), sore muscles but above all it was definitely the best experience of my life so far and I am so glad I took the plunge to do it.

When I was choosing between going to India and doing the Frame YTT here are some of the reasons why Frame came up trumps:

  • It’s in London and Emily and Michael are part of the London yoga community, from a business POV this is a very good reason
  • It’s not over an intense month, it’s spread out, so for me it was better as it meant my knee would have time to rest (even the intense week was a struggle for my knee!)
  • I was told by various people how great Emily and Michael are and how it was a no brainer and now I get why!
  • Your yoga family will be based in London where you’re probably going to work and it won’t be spread out across the world
  • You get to trial at Frame afterwards which is an epic opportunity
  • It’s over the weekends so I could work whilst doing it
  • You got a mentor during the course, which was great!
  • It’s in London which is generally pretty grey and miserable so me and my British complexion wouldn’t get heat stroke

If you have any questions about it or are thinking of doing it you can message me on IG or email me at, I’d be way more than happy to answer any questions, JUST DO IT, basically ūüôā


If you follow me on social media or subscribe to this blog, you may have noticed my slight obsession with matcha. The powdered green tea goodness has some amazing properties and is just freaking delicious. Yesterday Sabi and I went to Harvey Nichol’s Fifth Floor Cafe to check out the teapigs matcha on the terrace special matcha menu. A whole menu dedicated to matcha, I felt like all my prayers had been answered!

We each started off with a drink, Sabi with a matcha smoothie which looked and apparently tasted very ‘healthy’ and I had an iced mint matcha tea which was delicious and perfect as we were sat in a sunny spot on the terrace and it made me feel like I was in Barcelona or somewhere equally warm and relaxing.

Sabi and I decided to have everything off the menu, apart from the starters where we both wanted the chicken skewers so that’s what we both went for. All the food was incredible and teapigs legit need to bottle their teapig matcha mayo because I’d buy that stuff by the bucket load. None of the food was overpoweringly matcha flavoured which I think was very clever and necessary as the flavour can be a bit strong for some people and also it is caffeine so this prevents you from getting the jitters of you (like Sabi and I) decide to get a starter, main and dessert that’s all matcha-fied.

My favourite dish we tried was definitely the white chocolate matcha mousse, I can’t even explain how good this was! I was in heaven!

The terrace itself was serene and idyllic and I felt like I’d escaped London for an hour or two. The staff were all super polite as well and were really helpful with picking dishes. One thing I will say is that the teapigs matcha menu is totally affordable. I was expecting the prices to be higher than they were and anyone could come here for lunch and have an amazing meal at a very good price. I think this sets it apart from other pop-up eateries as it’s totally unusual, different and affordable. I also love that they’ve created dishes that combine matcha with more westernised dishes as in London a lot of other places with matcha flavoured dishes are oriental (as that’s where it’s from), so this is a different take on it!

You can buy some¬†of teapig’s premium matcha over on their website here, I know I will be getting on that, and make sure you take a look at the Harvey Nichols’ webpage here.

For the past four months I have been following a completely organic skincare routine. As it’s Organic Beauty Week I thought I’d share some info about what exactly ‘organic beauty’ is, as well as the main brand and products I use at the moment. It started with one or two items and now I’ve progressed to using only organic products. I’ve tried a few different brands but I have settled on Skin and Tonic, lashs and skin care company¬†who use no more than 7 ingredients per product, all of which are organically certified. If you are interested in getting new lashes read the Idol Lash review here.

Organic Skincare

You may be like… so what exactly does organic beauty/organic skincare mean? Well one of the reasons there is now an Organic Beauty Week is because there aren’t any strict regulations in the EU right now about what skincare is organic, and what isn’t. So a product could be saying it’s organic, when in reality it isn’t. So how do you know? Check out the Soil Association website to check what products are certified organic. Organic in terms of products means products created using ingredients that haven’t had pesticides, additives or chemicals added to it.

My Skincare History 

Since the age of about 14 I’ve suffered from problem skin, mild acne, hormonal breakouts on the chin etc. Since changing my diet to a more balanced and healthy diet in the past few years I’ve noticed improvements in my overall skin. However I think living in London which we all know is VERY polluted, naturally my skin isn’t always great. About a year ago I was getting almost cystic like acne on my chin but since going onto the pill it’s improved a huge amount. Towards the end of last year I was still getting spots and I realised that I needed to actually take my skin care seriously. I’m good with suncream but other than that my beauty routine was really lax. I did a lot of research, spoke to people who’s opinions I valued on the subject and came to the decision that I would look for organic products. I saw Skin and Tonic on social media and decided to check them out, I ordered the products for combination skin and decided to give it 3 months to see how I got on (apparently that’s how long it takes to see whether a product works for your skin or not).

The Products

Steam Clean (Cleanser)

I really like the product, it feels weird at first to be using such a oily based cleanser but the stuff that comes off the cloth makes me so glad that I use it! What I do find hard is using it when I’m out and about as you end up with a damp muslin cloth and nowhere to put it so I still haven’t worked that out but overall I love this product and swear by it.

Rose Mist (Toner) 

Again a completely new way of toning my skin, I use this spray on toner in the morning and evening and also something to set my makeup or just to feel a bit fresher. The smell isn’t overpowering at all and the bottle has lasted me such a long time!

Detox Beauty Oil

I was hesitant to use this just on its own at first so for the past few months I’ve been mixing it in with my moisturiser (a different organic brand) but I spoke to someone at Skin and Tonic about it the other day and they told me you can actually use this purely as your moisturiser. This one is specifically for combination skin and so although it may seem counter productive to put oil onto oily skin, a lot of research is showing that actually this is the best way to treat oily/combination skin. I’ll report back to you after a few months of using just the oil!

Detox Mask

This mask is made from matcha green tea and clay, and if you’ve followed me for a while over on Instagram or even on here, you’ll know how obsessed I am with matcha green tea, so when I saw they had a mask made from the stuff I was way too keen to try. I really love it and I try to use it about once every two weeks.

My Experience 

You can see from the above photos that my skin has got a lot better, but don’t be fooled, I do still get sports and imperfections, especially around that time of the month, but in general it is just so much better. I love using Skin and Tonic and after having a talk with one of the employees there about the products and ethos I feel even more strongly that I want to carry on using their stuff!

Check out Skin & Tonic here!

What are your thoughts about organic skincare? Leave a comment!

I thought today I would share with you all my experience doing my Personal Training course, as I have recently qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and I have found there are so many people wanting to do a PT course themselves, either with the aim of becoming a PT too or even just for some knowledge in terms of their own training. So I thought sharing my experience with it would be super helpful for anyone who is thinking about it.

Who did I do it with?

This is the first question I get asked by anybody, and the answer is TRAINFITNESS, a centre in Southwark in London, which is actually really close for me distance wise. TRAINFITNESS has produced well-known PTs such as fellow fitness blogger Zanna Van Dijk, the amazing Tashi Skervin as well as some of my other friends. This was one of the main reasons I went with TRAINFITNESS, because I knew that they had already helped to create some amazing personal trainers, and I wanted to get in on that.

How long did it take?

TRAINFITNESS offers various options, such as an intensive course which takes 5 weeks, or there is part-time (either 12 consecutive Saturdays or 12 consecutive Sundays) or distance learning, where you learn everything at home and then go into the centre to take the assessments. As I was working a full time job at the time, I went for the Saturday part-time course, so I rocked up at TRAINFITNESS every Saturday from mid Jan to the start of April and did my course from 10-5 each Saturday. I personally enjoyed it, but I have heard from various people that the intensive course is very good, so if I had had the option I would have gone for that, however I don’t think any option is worse or better than the other, it’s amazing that they offer three different ways of learning, so that different people with different schedules can do the course no matter what.

What was the exam process?

TRAINFITNESS do their qualification through YMCA (which is one of the best course providers), and because of this Level 2 and Level 3 are the same in the fact that you have two theory papers (multiple choice) as well as a practical exam which will last about an hour. TRAINFITNESS also has free resits of the theory exams included, which sounds like something quite small but definitely took the pressure off for most of us doing the course!

How much work was involved?

I’m not going to lie to you, it wasn’t easy to work full time and do this course, I spent many a lunch hour avoiding my colleagues with my iPad out revising and just trying to learn the vast amount of content we cover. But Train Fitness have a really great online platform with modules, videos, worksheets and mock exams, which will be accessible to do you even after you’ve qualified, and this was definitely useful and user friendly. It was hard, BUT it was for a short period of time, and if you’re paying that price and you’re committing to do this then it’s not difficult to put the effort in, or at least it wasn’t for me.

What are the teachers like?

I had three different teachers whilst doing my course and they were all bloody brilliant! They each had their own style of teaching and offered such different points of views to our learning, they made sure to keep us engaged (particularly when we hit the 3pm lull) and also to provide us with valuable knowledge that we could actually take away from the course and put into being a PT. At the end of the day the learning material is limited to what the course provider sets, but each tutor made sure to add things to the material to make our experience even better than it already was.

Would I recommend it?

100%. There’s no doubt that I would tell anyone to go with TRAINFITNESS. It’s in a great location in London, the price is pretty average as far as Personal Training courses go, the teachers are great, I made some really amazing friends who I’m still in contact with now (and we developed an unhealthy love of smoked salmon sandwiches from the Pret around the corner) and above all I feel like I can now go into the personal training career and actually help people to be active, fit, healthy, happy and to achieve their goals.

Check out their website here and if you’re interested you can download their prospectus. If you have any questions just leave a comment, I’d be more than happy to answer any!