For the past four months I have been following a completely organic skincare routine. As it’s Organic Beauty Week I thought I’d share some info about what exactly ‘organic beauty’ is, as well as the main brand and products I use at the moment. It started with one or two items and now I’ve progressed to using only organic products. I’ve tried a few different brands but I have settled on Skin and Tonic, lashs and skin care company who use no more than 7 ingredients per product, all of which are organically certified. If you are interested in getting new lashes read the Idol Lash review here.

Organic Skincare

You may be like… so what exactly does organic beauty/organic skincare mean? Well one of the reasons there is now an Organic Beauty Week is because there aren’t any strict regulations in the EU right now about what skincare is organic, and what isn’t. So a product could be saying it’s organic, when in reality it isn’t. So how do you know? Check out the Soil Association website to check what products are certified organic. Organic in terms of products means products created using ingredients that haven’t had pesticides, additives or chemicals added to it.

My Skincare History 

Since the age of about 14 I’ve suffered from problem skin, mild acne, hormonal breakouts on the chin etc. Since changing my diet to a more balanced and healthy diet in the past few years I’ve noticed improvements in my overall skin. However I think living in London which we all know is VERY polluted, naturally my skin isn’t always great. About a year ago I was getting almost cystic like acne on my chin but since going onto the pill it’s improved a huge amount. Towards the end of last year I was still getting spots and I realised that I needed to actually take my skin care seriously. I’m good with suncream but other than that my beauty routine was really lax. I did a lot of research, spoke to people who’s opinions I valued on the subject and came to the decision that I would look for organic products. I saw Skin and Tonic on social media and decided to check them out, I ordered the products for combination skin and decided to give it 3 months to see how I got on (apparently that’s how long it takes to see whether a product works for your skin or not).

The Products

Steam Clean (Cleanser)

I really like the product, it feels weird at first to be using such a oily based cleanser but the stuff that comes off the cloth makes me so glad that I use it! What I do find hard is using it when I’m out and about as you end up with a damp muslin cloth and nowhere to put it so I still haven’t worked that out but overall I love this product and swear by it.

Rose Mist (Toner) 

Again a completely new way of toning my skin, I use this spray on toner in the morning and evening and also something to set my makeup or just to feel a bit fresher. The smell isn’t overpowering at all and the bottle has lasted me such a long time!

Detox Beauty Oil

I was hesitant to use this just on its own at first so for the past few months I’ve been mixing it in with my moisturiser (a different organic brand) but I spoke to someone at Skin and Tonic about it the other day and they told me you can actually use this purely as your moisturiser. This one is specifically for combination skin and so although it may seem counter productive to put oil onto oily skin, a lot of research is showing that actually this is the best way to treat oily/combination skin. I’ll report back to you after a few months of using just the oil!

Detox Mask

This mask is made from matcha green tea and clay, and if you’ve followed me for a while over on Instagram or even on here, you’ll know how obsessed I am with matcha green tea, so when I saw they had a mask made from the stuff I was way too keen to try. I really love it and I try to use it about once every two weeks.

My Experience 

You can see from the above photos that my skin has got a lot better, but don’t be fooled, I do still get sports and imperfections, especially around that time of the month, but in general it is just so much better. I love using Skin and Tonic and after having a talk with one of the employees there about the products and ethos I feel even more strongly that I want to carry on using their stuff!

Check out Skin & Tonic here!

What are your thoughts about organic skincare? Leave a comment!

As many of my readers are probably aware, I have been making a conscious effort to make changes in my day-to-day life to help the environment and our planet. Reducing my animal product intake has been a big one, getting more clued up on recycling and waste, another, but what I wasn’t aware of is how detrimental so many products we use every single day are to the environment. However, there are brands out there that do produce those everyday items, but ones that are actually environmentally friendly. This is one of the main reasons why I was so keen to get my hands on BOCA’s new toothpaste (or pastes shall I say, as there’s a day toothpaste and an overnight toothpaste). What I wasn’t aware of is how many toothpastes you can buy from your average supermarket or Boots, actually has a lot of dangerous ingredients in it that we absorb into our bloodstream through our gums, these are ingredients such as SLS (also used in industrial floor cleaners!), microbeads (these get into the water systems too and end up in the ocean and are found in wildlife’s tummies L ), triclosan and hydrogen peroxide to name a few. BOCA’s new toothpastes don’t have any of these, so I was really excited and also curious to see how I got on!

The Taste

I don’t know why but to me taste is super important when it comes to toothpaste, I guess when it’s something that you’re putting into your mouth at least twice a day you want it to be decent. The taste is really nice and minty, not over powering, and whilst I thought at first that rose would be a weird flavour to have in a toothpaste, you barely notice the floral note and it’s actually super pleasant. Both the day toothpaste and the overnight toothpaste taste the same to me.

Using It

So as I already established, there’s no SLS, which means there isn’t any foaming or frothing that we’re all familiar with when using toothpastes. After a few uses you forget about it and it becomes pretty normal. I think we’re just tied to the assumption that foam = clean, and that’s not necessarily the case. My teeth have felt perfectly clean since using BOCA.


The Appearance

The toothpastes arrived in a little box and the tubes are more like the tubes that you would get lotions in as opposed to toothpaste, which definitely makes it feel like a luxury product. You can save the planet AND feel glam, what a time to be alive!

The Price

This is one is where some might be sceptical, it’s £13.99 for one order of both the day and overnight toothpaste, which compared to your £3 tube from Tesco, does seem like a big jump. However, if using products that don’t have harsh chemicals, and are environmentally safe, is important to you, then I think you will agree that where possible it’s better to pay slightly more. Remember too that it’s £13.99 for both tubes, so roughly £7 per tube. It’s really a personal preference when it comes down to this, and some people simply may not be able to stretch, but for a lot of people, who’s priority might be quality, I can see this not being an issue.


Bottom Line – Will I Continue Using This?

Yes! I have been really happy with the product so far, I feel like my teeth look whiter after using this when I brush my teeth, and I haven’t noticed any negative differences since switching. There’s a lot of research about using toothpastes that don’t contain the harsh chemicals, and BOCA seems to be mentioned everywhere as one of the better toothpastes to use. So to summarise, it tastes good, it hasn’t got the same harmful ingredients as your regular toothpastes, it doesn’t have microbeads in it so no poorly fish, and whilst it’s a bit pricey, it’s not too expensive. It’s also really interesting to note that using toothpastes without things such as SLS can actually really improve how you feel, when I was doing my research for this post, I found an article about a woman names Joanna Brindle who was advised to use BOCA toothpaste by a colleague, as her regular toothpastes were making her sick when she was undergoing chemotherapy, she said that when she used BOCA toothpaste instead, she was absolutely fine! You can read the article here.

See more about BOCA here.


What are your thoughts? Have you tried any alternative or luxury toothpastes?