For the past four months I have been following a completely organic skincare routine. As it’s Organic Beauty Week I thought I’d share some info about what exactly ‘organic beauty’ is, as well as the main brand and products I use at the moment. It started with one or two items and now I’ve progressed to using only organic products. I’ve tried a few different brands but I have settled on Skin and Tonic, lashs and skin care company who use no more than 7 ingredients per product, all of which are organically certified. If you are interested in getting new lashes read the Idol Lash review here.

Organic Skincare

You may be like… so what exactly does organic beauty/organic skincare mean? Well one of the reasons there is now an Organic Beauty Week is because there aren’t any strict regulations in the EU right now about what skincare is organic, and what isn’t. So a product could be saying it’s organic, when in reality it isn’t. So how do you know? Check out the Soil Association website to check what products are certified organic. Organic in terms of products means products created using ingredients that haven’t had pesticides, additives or chemicals added to it.

My Skincare History 

Since the age of about 14 I’ve suffered from problem skin, mild acne, hormonal breakouts on the chin etc. Since changing my diet to a more balanced and healthy diet in the past few years I’ve noticed improvements in my overall skin. However I think living in London which we all know is VERY polluted, naturally my skin isn’t always great. About a year ago I was getting almost cystic like acne on my chin but since going onto the pill it’s improved a huge amount. Towards the end of last year I was still getting spots and I realised that I needed to actually take my skin care seriously. I’m good with suncream but other than that my beauty routine was really lax. I did a lot of research, spoke to people who’s opinions I valued on the subject and came to the decision that I would look for organic products. I saw Skin and Tonic on social media and decided to check them out, I ordered the products for combination skin and decided to give it 3 months to see how I got on (apparently that’s how long it takes to see whether a product works for your skin or not).

The Products

Steam Clean (Cleanser)

I really like the product, it feels weird at first to be using such a oily based cleanser but the stuff that comes off the cloth makes me so glad that I use it! What I do find hard is using it when I’m out and about as you end up with a damp muslin cloth and nowhere to put it so I still haven’t worked that out but overall I love this product and swear by it.

Rose Mist (Toner) 

Again a completely new way of toning my skin, I use this spray on toner in the morning and evening and also something to set my makeup or just to feel a bit fresher. The smell isn’t overpowering at all and the bottle has lasted me such a long time!

Detox Beauty Oil

I was hesitant to use this just on its own at first so for the past few months I’ve been mixing it in with my moisturiser (a different organic brand) but I spoke to someone at Skin and Tonic about it the other day and they told me you can actually use this purely as your moisturiser. This one is specifically for combination skin and so although it may seem counter productive to put oil onto oily skin, a lot of research is showing that actually this is the best way to treat oily/combination skin. I’ll report back to you after a few months of using just the oil!

Detox Mask

This mask is made from matcha green tea and clay, and if you’ve followed me for a while over on Instagram or even on here, you’ll know how obsessed I am with matcha green tea, so when I saw they had a mask made from the stuff I was way too keen to try. I really love it and I try to use it about once every two weeks.

My Experience 

You can see from the above photos that my skin has got a lot better, but don’t be fooled, I do still get sports and imperfections, especially around that time of the month, but in general it is just so much better. I love using Skin and Tonic and after having a talk with one of the employees there about the products and ethos I feel even more strongly that I want to carry on using their stuff!

Check out Skin & Tonic here!

What are your thoughts about organic skincare? Leave a comment!

Hidden in the middle of the Medina, Café Clock is a funky haven that brings Europe and North Africa together to meet and create this awesome café. During my recent trip to Marrakech, I was lucky enough to go and check Café Clock out and have one of the most delicious veggie lunches (yes, veggie!) I’ve ever had. There’s a bright, high ceilinged ground floor part of the café, as well as an amazing open roof top space (with covered and non-covered parts). The décor was very very cool, there’s no other way to describe it, with mod pictures and mismatched furniture and splashes of bright colour everywhere, I felt very much at home, and want to transport the place back to London!

The staff were super friendly, attentive and quick. The menu was available in both English and French, and even had veggie, vegan and GF options! We went for the falafel, hummus and tabbouleh each, as well as two side salads (the winter salad of roasted vegetables and minted fresh cheese and fig & blue cheese salad with candied walnuts and capers) which were both insane, actually, the entire meal was freaking delicious, I’m thinking that’s the best falafel I’ve ever had! We also had a smoothie each and after lunch we got henna tattoos, we each opted for the same traditional hand henna (we literally just did everything exactly the same all holiday hahaha), the henna artist was lovely and I am sooo in love with my design, I want it to stay forever!

Not only do they offer amazing grub and a fab place to chill, but Café Clock has so much more to offer. There are workshops and cooking classes held there, as well as a Saturday morning yoga class which we 100% would have gone to if we’d have been in the country!

If you’re ever in Marrakech, put this on your list of places to visit.

Find their website here and Instagram here


Last Thursday myself and a group of friends went to a Yoga Supper Club held by Kelly (aka @goodyogalifeuk) and her awesome team. We got there, and by there I mean this ridiculously amazing open-plan loft flat where the yoga class and supper were held.


We started off by getting settled on our mats and Kelly led a great yoga class that focused not only on strength and stretching, but also got our hearts racing a bit as we were able to practice our handstands (or lack of), I love yoga classes where the teacher throws in some fun and different elements, and Kelly did not disappoint. We also did some partner exercises, such as a partnered navasana (boat post) which was a really good laugh and meant that we got stretched a bit more than usual as you had a partner to help you really lengthen into the stretches.


After the yoga class, we got off our mats and moved to the table where we were served a ridiculously delicious three course, vegan and wheat-free meal prepared by Mama Says Eat. For our starter we had a seaweed broth infused with shiitake, our main was supper vegetable carpaccio with spicy sesame and miso noodles and for dessert tiers of the most incredible peanut butter cookies where brought around to our tables and we were encouraged to take a handful (I feel like I proudly paved the way in taking three from the get go and then getting two more later on, no shame here!). Also on offer was prosecco, white or red wine, or for those of us who chose not to drink (me for example, I know party pooper), we were offered some sparkling grape and green tea infused water which was pretty amazing to be honest!


The entire evening was so fun and Kelly is definitely one of my new favourite teachers, she has a very chilled out and relaxed approach to teaching, whilst also wanting you to have fun and get the most out of the class in a productive way.


I would wholeheartedly recommend going to a Yoga Supper Club if you get the opportunity, whether you treat yourself and just go by yourself, with a group of friends, with your mum, or even with your partner, it is such a good experience and I can’t wait to go to another one! They’re £40 from Funzing, this includes the class, the three course meal, a pretty awesome goodie bag with some treats inside and also of course an all around lovely experience! Thank you Kelly and co!

For more info check out Kelly’s website or the Yoga Supper Club on Facebook here!

Also my friend Sabi posted a review recently, check it out here, happy reading!

*All photos are either mine or the property of Yoga Supper Club

As soon as I stepped foot inside Amanzi Tea, found in Soho on Brewer Street (can we also talk about how you can get a brew on Brewer Street… love it!), I knew I had found where I belong. If you know me, you know I like tea. If you know me kinda well, you will also know I have a soft spot for that green powdered stuff known as matcha tea (check out my previous blog post on matcha tea here). Amanzi Tea offers everything tea-themed from a nutella matcha frappé to orange truffle rooibos.


The tea bar has a very cool, urban and almost New York feel to it (I’ve never been to New York, but I’m guessing this is what the trendy places in New York feels like, trust me), and is only made even more unique by the wall of teas. Honestly, there is every tea under the sun in this place, each with their own benefits, they’re even coded to help you decide the type of tea you’d like. As well as your regular loose leaf brewed tea, Amanzi Tea sell tea cocktails (which are amazing, my favourite is definitely the eldeflower and rose mar-tea-ni), bubble teas, tea lattes, a wide range of matcha based drinks, as well as coffees and hot chocolates for non-tea lovers).

DSC_0028 DSC_0031 DSC_0035

The place is so welcoming, I was greeted at the door by a lady with a big smile offering me a bubble tea sample, and you could tell that all the other customers also felt very relaxed in this chilled little tea bar.

DSC_0016 DSC_0022 DSC_0039

Aside from buying yourself a cup of whatever-the-hell-you’re-feelin’, you can also buy tea to take home, and pretty much any tea related items, and all of it for pretty decent prices, not the extortionate central London price tags you’d expect, which made me love the place even more! Not only that but the puns used are stellar, so all in all I have fallen in love with this little tea bar!

Check out their website and Instagram for more details, and if you’re in central London and fancy tasting the best nutella matcha frappé in existence, pay Amanzi Tea a visit!